Can I book without paying?
Yes, you can. Kindly select "Pay upon Check-in / Pick-up" as long as the option is still available in the payment section at booking checkout.
How can I make payment?
We accept Bank transfer, Pay upon Check-in / Pick-up, ATM/ Debit cards secured by PayStack.
Where can I see the payment policy for my booking?
You'll find the payment policy in your booking confirmation, in the pricing section. This section also includes a price breakdown and the accepted payment methods.
Do I need to provide my card details?
Your card details may be needed when payment is to be made with the Debit card but be assured your card details are secure you can study the privacy policy.
Can I pay for my stay with a different credit card than the one used to book?
Paying with another credit card is okay. Properties usually accept payment for a stay with a different card or cash.
Who's going to charge my credit card and when?
Generally, the property is responsible for charging your card. If payment is instead handled by, this will be stated clearly in your booking confirmation.


Is there a difference between a Double Room and a Twin Room?
A Double Room has one double/full bed and a Twin Room has 2 twin beds. If a room is called Double/Twin, it can be set up for either type. You can specify your bed-type preference in the box during the booking process.
What do "non-refundable" and "free cancellation" mean?
Non-refundable policy means a fee will be charged in case a booking is needed to be canceled by the customer while Free-cancellation means you can cancel a booking as long as you do it within the time frame specified by the property.
Will there be an extra fee for an extra bed?
If there will be an extra fee attached then you should write it in the suggestion box, the company will file the cost receipt for you.


Can a booking be cancelled?
Sure, any cancellation fees are determined by the property and listed in your cancellation policy. You'll pay any additional costs to the property.
Do I need to pay a fee to cancel a booking?
If you have a free cancellation booking then you don't have to pay any fee however, if it has a non-refundable policy you will need to pay the additional cost.
Where can I find my property's cancellation policy?
You can find this in the booking confirmation email sent to you while booking.


Where can I get information concerning my booking?
You can contact us at or simply check the email sent to you after booking.
If I need to change or cancel my booking due to CoronaVirus issue, what should I do?
First of all log in to your account to see if it can be cancelled however, if it's non-refundable you need to contact the property owner.
Is there a policy for date change or cancellations related to CoronaVirus?
You chose a policy when you made the booking on our platform. If that policy allows a change of dates or free cancellation, you're entitled to that.


I will arrive late, Can I still check in?
The properties listed on who will do their best to meet your needs but is is also important that you state it clearly in the "Special Requirements" field in booking checkout.
I cannot find my confirmation email what should I do?
Check your inbox, spam and junk folders if you still can't find it ask for help from our customer service representatives at they will be happy to be of help.
How can I get an invoice? will always send you a payment invoice after booking and you can also download it as pdf file. If you need additional invoice for your stay please contact the property directly.
Can I get an extra bed when I make an hotel reservation?
It depends on the property's policy which may incur additional charges.
How do I get information about an hotel property, tour or car rental?
You can find information about it while booking or simply click on that particular hotel, tour or car rental service and read the information.
Do children have special discount for any booking?
We give certain discounts to registered members as for children it depends on the service provider(except for special discounts we offer to children).
Is there an additional cost for including children?
Additional costs for children, if any, aren't included in the reservation price. Check with the property directly to see if and when you'll pay for your child(ren).
What's the difference between a double room and a twin room?
A double room has 1 double bed and a twin room has 2 single beds. If a room is called a double/twin, it can be set up for either type. The property will do its best to accommodate your needs.
Can I make changes to my booking details?
Yes you can make changes in your confirmation email or contact us at


Do you need to pay a fee for listing an Hotel, car rental or tour?
Not at all however, there should be proof of a formal consent to downlist it then register as a partner at
Can you help me register my company?
Yes we can, You can just send an email to with information about the hotel. support team will contact you a short while afterwards.
Can I list an Hotel, car rental service or tour center that is not mine?
Sure but you have to get a consent from the management of that company first of all.
What's the maximum Hotel, car rental service or tour center I can register?
You can add as many as you want.
What if I do not have all the information available?
You can enter the basic information of the hotel (Name, address, phone number) and send us all other data by email later (


How can I contact the hotel, Car provider or tour guide?
Send a message or call with the email address and phone number provided.
In case of emergencies related to bookings, who do I contact?
Contact us at or call +234 901 545 4550


Is free meal(s) included in hotel bookings?
Each accommodation has its own meal policy, and if free meal(s) is included then it will be listed.
What does the total cost of bookings for Hotels, car rentals or tours include?
It includes all the facilities and resources stated in the receipt of payment any other thing asides that is an extra cost.
Are the prices shown on per person?
Depends on the selection being made. The price we show is determined by your choices.
Are taxes included in the price?
This depends on the property and accommodation type, but it’s easy to see what’s included when you compare different options to book. Tax requirements changes.
Do I pay a reservation fee to BookNaija?
No, we don't charge any fees at all.
Can I use discount coupons?
Yes you can
Does offer any special consideration discounts, or discounts with airline or hotel loyalty cards? provides the best available rates for the dates of your stay. It's not possible to have any further reductions on the price.
Do i pay the full price for my child?
When making a booking, you can request for extra services in the request box. We recommend contacting the property before you arrive to make sure they have what you requested for. You can find their contact info in the confirmation email and when viewing your bookings on your account.


Can I use a debit card to pay for reservations?
Yes you can, we accept payment with debit cards and the payment gateway is secured by Paystack.
Can I complete a booking without credit card?
In this website we provide payment on arrival however, it depends on the hotel, car rental and tour management so you should read the details while booking.
Can I make a reservation for myself using someone else’s credit card?
Yes, but only if you have permission from the cardholder.
Are my credit card details safe?
Yes it is secured you can check our privacy.
What kind of credit card do you accept?
We accept Visa, Verve and Mastercard.
Why was I charged?
The charges is to validate the booking although it depends on the policy of the hotel, car rental retailer or tour provider.
The Creditcard I registered is no longer valid, what should I do?
Contact the service provider.


Can the property store my luggage before check-in or after check-out?
Check the Service provider 'facilities' or contact them.
How can I find out if the hotel and tour offers a shuttle service and how can I book it?
If the hotel offers a shuttle service it will be listed under "Hotel Facilities," by "Services".
How do I find out if a hotel or tour has a certain facility?
Read through the facilities provided for that specific service.
How can I reserve a parking space?
If the hotel provides a request to book parking space then you can contact them.
Is there an insurance policy that covers customers that damages a property?
No, any damage caused by a customer is between the person and the management of the damaged property.


What is social engineering?
Social engineering is a tactic that scammers use. They pretend to be a trusted source to trick people into giving them sensitive personal data. Online scammers usually pose as well-known companies, then use a seemingly logical reason to ask for your personal data and payments.
How to avoid being scammed?
Here are some security tips to keep you safe from online scams: Scamming messages usually have spelling mistakes and convey a sense of urgency. Need to contact us? Open a new tab and go to our official website Get an email with a link? Hover the mouse over it to see if the URL looks suspicious, or if it's missing "https://" at the beginning Remember: will never ask you to enter your credit card or gift card number via email, text, or phone.
Is it okay to share my card details or gift card over the phone?
BookNaija will never ask for your details on phone no matter the urgency, always try to contact us before replying any suspicious message.
What should I do if I've being scammed?
If you suspect you have been scammed after doing a transaction please always feel free to contact us 24/7.


I want a late check-out, what should I do?
Ask of its possibility when you're about to check in.
How do I find out if pets are allowed?
Check the property's page rules.
What's the check in and check out time?
The check in and check out time differs for each property so you should find out before getting there
I want a smoking room, is that possible?
If the room has a 'no smoking' policy then you need to make enquiries there.
Can I check in earlier than the slated time?
Make a special request to the hotel or place of tour residence