The outbreak of this Corona virus changed the lives of everyone all over the world from children to adults. We have been dealing with a lot of things throughout our lives and have heard of deadly viruses like Marburg Virus 1967, Ebola Virus 1976, HIV 1980, Rabies 1920, Hantavirus 1993, Dengue 1950, SARS-CoV-2 2002, etc. But never have we imagined this virus casualties to be like this, leading to the death of millions worldwide. Here are some lessons COVID’19 taught everyone.

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Face mask

In Nigeria, we never thought face masks will ever be an essential item because the masks were only associated with those in certain occupations especially the medical field. COVID’19 outbreak made us understand why the mask is important for everyone.

Lessons COVID'19 Taught Everyone


We learned the importance of keeping clean hygiene whether indoor or outdoor. To bathe regularly especially after going out, washing hands thoroughly, using hands sanitizer, avoiding contact with surfaces and people in public, washing the face mask daily, using a disinfectant, cooking raw food well before consuming, etc.

Social life

Socially our lives were affected negatively because we hardly have assess to our loved ones physically, or go to parties, places of worship, clubs, etc especially during the lockdown. Meetings and certain shows use audio-visual apps for better participation.

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COVID’19 made us realize the importance of technology. Many industries were taken over by robots and certain internet software. Companies that were labor intensive struggled to keep up and some had to advance to technology and that is why a lot of people lost their jobs.

Importance of family or loved ones

We all need love especially during a pandemic when there is little contact with other people and with the bad news of death flying around. Communications with loved ones reduced the chances of depression, fear, or anxiety.

You can find happiness without many audience

During the pandemic, a lot of people were restricted from having gatherings even during important ceremonies like Weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, etc and they still achieved what they wanted and even better. The lessons COVID’19 taught everyone can never be forgotten.

Finding oneself

Psychologically many people were affected negatively because they became lonely or tired of doing the same routine especially during the lockdown but then humans need to avoid distractions to focus on themselves. People began to realize what they are capable of doing using the little resources they have and social media to reach a larger audience, some people developed themselves in all aspects too like mentally, socially by learning more about the few people around them, physically by doing exercises, skincare or healthcare, economically by learning to maximize the little money they have and even educationally. Many people began to think of ‘purpose’.

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Importance of Medical Checkup

In Nigeria, most people below 40 years find it ridiculous or frightful when people say they should go for a medical check-up. However, COVID’19 has taught us the importance of checkup after suspicious symptoms.


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